Things That Can Affect Your Emotional And Mental Health Negatively!

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Life experiences are one of the things that have played a role in shaping your overall health!

Life experiences are one of the
things that have played a role
in shaping your overall health!

Our emotional and psychological health is dependent on the kind of lifestyle you have adapted. Also what is important are your life experiences especially the experiences you had as a child, as they do play a great role in shaping your mental and emotional state. Apart from that, genetic and biological causes can also have an impact on your health. Stated below are two factors that can have a negative affect your mental and emotional health:                     

Growing up as an orphan or a lonely child:

If you are an orphan or a child who couldn’t really form a real connection with his or her parents, then you probably suffer from some sort of emotional or mental conditions. Feeling lonely and isolated at that young age, impacts one’s emotional and mental health in a way that it might be hard to overcome. 

Dealing with death of a closed one or witnessing a trauma: Seeing the death of a parent or a close one can be awfully disturbing for anyone, especially adolescents. Also, going through a traumatic experience like being in an accident or witnessing a bombing incident, all of the state examples are damaging to your emotional and mental health.

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