Adapt to Change or Die… Well, Sort Of

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Be prepared to adapt to change

Be prepared to adapt to change

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

The theory of evolution is pretty clear. Adapt or die. Dinosaurs and the dodo are dead because they didn’t change fast enough. Live can be harsh. But it’s also pretty simple. If we don’t adjust then we too are going to fail.

I’m not necessarily saying your going to die, but I am saying that unless we observe, reflect and react in the correct way, we aren’t going to live our ideal life.

Say you have a problem with some aspect of yourself. You see a habit, behavior or belief and you know it’s negatively affecting your life. Could simply be the lack of something- you need to be more productive, more wellness oriented or simply have a better work-life balance. Many people struggle with all three.

To change this negative quality you must willing to adapt. After observing the aspect you know is bad, reflect on the best way to bring change. This is usually a lot more straightforward then we want to make it. You’re unproductive? Why? What gets in your way? Is it flappy bird? Is it lack of nutrition, sleep or exercise? Now how do you fix it? Some advice? Turn off your phone when you get home. Every time you eat, do so with thoughtfulness. The moment you get home, keep your tv off, and take your dog for a walk; forming a habit of exercise. Do these changes every day, and if and when you mess up, keep going.

Change really is that simple.

But the real secret? You must want it. You have to want it more than you want to be lazy or distracted or negative, you must be ready to adapt to change. If the way you have always done things is no longer working you must be ready to try new ways. It never pays to remain set in your ways. If you are unwilling to make any changes in your life, you will only be hurting yourself in the long run. Anyone is able to change once they set their mind to it so you should be prepared to change when necessary.

You may not always like the way the world changes but you have to learn to work with it. You have to be flexible. You will be fighting a losing battle if you continue to resist change. It is better to accept change, and embrace it as an opportunity to enhance your personal development.

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