Five Ways for a Business Motivational Speaker to Promote Corporate Wellness

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Incorporating wellness as a way of life in the office is vital to success.

A business motivational speaker will tell you that Incorporating wellness as a way of life in the office is vital to success.

Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Well Being and Peak Human Performance.

Obesity may have reached epidemic proportions, but the knowledge in how to combat it is also at an all-time high, states a business motivational speaker. Professional speaker Andy Core shares five ways on how to make wellness a way of life instead of just an eight-letter word.

  • Offer access to a gym. This comes in many forms: some managers choose to issue gym memberships to their employees, while others may feel that having a gym on the premises makes it likelier for employees to utilize such a service.
  • Sporting events. Instead of making the company picnic a sit-down affair, incorporate games for all skill levels like badminton, volleyball or dodge ball.
  • Healthy cafeteria food. Entering into a contract with a food company is an easy way to bring healthier food into the workplace. With employees being busier than ever, have healthy food on hand for them.
  • Bring equipment into the workspace. Encourage employees to sit on balls instead of chairs, and provide ergonomic equipment that can help prevent muscle strain, suggests a business motivational speaker.
  • Implement support networks. Offer smoking cessation programs for physical health or psychologists for mental health. Many of these programs may not be financially viable for people, and making them part of the workplace is likelier to increase participation.

A business motivational speaker asks that you remember, it doesn’t take much to create a healthier corporate environment and it often starts with one- or five- small steps.

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