Four Top Ways for a Keynote Speaker to Manage Stress

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Manage stress by following these four steps.

Try these keynote speaker remedies for stress and you’ll be cool and collected in no time.

Many times, hectic deadlines, tight work schedules and over-ambitious work targets control people’s lives. This occurs often when a keynote speaker is hired. Even though working “after hours” could make you look like a hard worker among your colleagues and friends, it’s a time bomb waiting to explode.

A keynote speaker reported that stressed individuals account for a big chunk of those who die of lifestyle diseases, about 60% of all deaths. Luckily, stress management can improve productivity in the workplace and at individual levels. Here are some tips for you:

  • Have a holistic time schedule – Don’t confuse this with creating school-like timetables for your life, but rather, simple timelines for all life activities, including leisure and relaxation.
  • Be proactive – When faced with an immense challenge in the workplace or home, you should learn to spot the best opportunities to rest. For example, you could consider taking time off or sleeping on transit between stations, but don’t overdo it…
  • The power of NO – To live a stress free life, say no to work calls at home, extra workload, extra night outs with friends… Start slowly and watch the rest fall into place.
  • Master the power of good enough – The quest for perfection is a killer in the modern world. In the workplace, it’s what develops into individual depression. A keynote speaker reminds you to set reasonable standards for yourself and others will help you learn to take note of when good is “good enough.”



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