3 Tips on How to Exercise Safely

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By exercising safely you can avoid getting injuries

By exercising safely you can
avoid getting injuries

While engaging in any form of exercise, it is necessary that you do it in a way that will not injure or harm your physical health. Moreover, if the workout that you do is safe and painless, then you are more likely to adhere to it! Exercising safely requires one to think rationally, to thoroughly understand the basic workout methods and techniques and to closely listen to our own bodies.
The following are some tips to on how to exercise with safety.

1. Start with warm up and end with cool down. When beginning any exercise, start off with some light stretches, follow it by light walking and then starts off your regular routine. End every session with a cool down such as stretching.

2. Don’t rush it. If you are a beginner, never aim to do too much too fast, as this will only cause you body to break down and can leave you with some serious injuries. Additionally, always make sure to have recovery days each week in order for your body to recuperate.

3. Always stay hydrated. While exercising you can lose up to one to two liters of fluid for every hour of exercise. Hence, make sure to drink water before, during and also after your exercise sessions.

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