2 Ways to Bring Healthy Eating Trends to Your Office

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Andy Core is an expert in Work-Life Balance, Wellbeing, and Peak Human Performance.

Aim to start healthy eating trends at your workplace.

Aim to start healthy eating trends
at your workplace.

A recent survey shows that at present there are many workplaces within the United States were employees are only allowed to eat vegan food. The goal behind the extreme approach is to support wellness by eating healthy. Now you certainly don’t need to restrict your choices of food to that extreme attain wellness, but you can surely encourage your employees to eat healthier by employing the following two suggestions.

Have a day based menu. Choose specific days of the week for specific kinds of foods, but let them be only healthy, natural sources of food. For instance on Monday make it a healthy animal protein and vegetable day, on Thursday let It be a vegan day etc. But let one day of the week be a “eat whatever you want” or a cheat day. The cheat day is suppose to be a reward for you and your fellow employees for adhering to a healthy diet throughout the week.
Modify birthday celebrations. Instead of masticating on conventional birthday cakes made out of almond meal instead of flour. You can also aim for sugar free versions if you are aiming for a super healthy rendition. You could even try a cheese cake made with fat free cheese if you pleased.

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