Positive Motion Creates Positive Emotion

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I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.
-Duke Ellington

Picture this scene. You are sitting on a comfy hotel bed and you have a couple hours of downtime. You start thinking…

“What should I do? I could catch up on some paperwork, watch a movie, take a nap, call some friends, …” But then this thought pops into your mind.

“I need to exercise.” Sigh. “I am a tired and I really don’t want to exercise. But skipping doesn’t make me feel that great either, and if I don’t do it now it will not happen…” As each second ticks away so does the likelihood you will exercise.

Here is what I do in this situation, and I am faced with it often. First, as soon I think “I need to exercise,” and realize that it is now or never, I stop thinking and start moving. I get up and start walking briskly around the room. A little motion starts making me feel better. I then throw on my mp3 player hit play on my laptop and boost some music that makes me want to move.

That whole scene takes about 90 seconds. In this short time my attitude has started to change. I feel at least a little bit more like exercising, and that is usually enough to get me to put on my workout clothes. In a few more moments I am out the door.

The crazy thing is that it only takes about 12-15 minutes of exercising before the fog and fatigue disappear and I think “I was crazy for not wanting to do this.”

Have you been there? This situation is a great example of one of my Core Principles – Positive Motion Creates Positive Emotion. As soon as you get up and start moving you start feeling better, more optimistic, more willing to do what you know you should do. This principle also works during meetings, creativity sessions, arguments, etc.

I merely took the energy it takes to put off exercising and exercised. The
interesting thing is that I ended up with more energy.

-Andy Core

*If you are so inclined, I would love for you to comment on what you do that helps you get out the door.



Andy Core is a credentialed, award-winning thought leader on increasing employee engagement, productivity, and wellness motivation. His talent lies in helping hard-working, conscientious adults thrive at work and in their personal lives.

Andy also wrote the book Change Your Day, Not Your Life, a guide to sustained motivation and more productivity.

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